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What Are The Paper Packaging Materials

In the whole packaging layout as well as the growth process, as a universal packaging product, paper packaging materials are extensively used. This is due to the fact that paper materials are reduced in cost, suitable for mass mechanical production, and have great formability and also foldability, as well are suitable for exquisite printing, as well as have the advantages of recyclability, economic climate as well as environmental protection. Of course, there are also various sorts of paper materials. Today we will talk about what paper products are offered.     1. Kraft paper Kraft paper is difficult and economical, with excellent folding and water resistance. It is usually yellow-colored brown, as well as after bleaching treatment, it is light brown, off-white or white. It is mainly utilized to make shopping bags, envelopes, cement bags, and so on, in addition to food product packaging.   2. Covered paper Coated paper is mostly refined from high-grade products such as timber and cotton fibers, and is divided right into two kinds: single-coated paper as well as double-coated paper Its paper surface is white, high level of smoothness, strong bond, and solid water resistance. It is appropriate for multi-color register printing, with intense shades and abundant gradation modifications after printing. It is usually utilized in the manufacturing of handbags, calling cards, publications as well as magazine covers.   3. Whiteboard paper. Whiteboard paper is cardboard with a white and also smooth front side and also gray backside. Its texture is hard and thick, it has good standing strength, surface area strength, folding resistance as well as printing flexibility. It is suitable for product packaging boxes, liners, etc.   4. White cardboard White cardboard is a multilayer double-sided thick white cardboard with double-sided finishing and also matt therapy. Its texture is firm, it is white and also smooth, as well as it is primarily used to make gift boxes, hang tags, and bottom linings for blister packaging.   5. Corrugated paper Corrugated cardboard is made by bonding face paper, lining paper, core paper and corrugated paper. It has the advantages of agility as well as strength, strong tons as well as pressure resistance, shock resistance, dampness resistance, and so on, as well as low cost.   The above is the paper product packaging products generally made use of in product packaging. If you want to start paper cups, paper bags etc. business, we can provide you with high quality paper cup making machines.
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How To Select A Paper Cup Making Machine Manufacturer??

In the last decades, a lot of companies and customers have begun trying to find eco-friendly alternatives. Especially, with the ban on plastic products, the focus of the business changed to paper cup makers. Paper Cups are a suitable option for serving drinks at a party as they are made of eco-friendly paper and are recyclable. With so much need for these paper cups, more and more industries are launching their paper cup manufacturing companies. But exactly how to choose the right paper cup making machine supplier that satisfies all your equipment needs without making a massive dent in your budget plan?   1. There are great deals of firms out there that supply device for making paper cups. So initially you have to make a checklist of all popular providers as well as execute extensive marketing research. It's constantly recommended to inspect the firm profiles on the internet and afterward pick the most trustworthy supplier.     2. Check all the functions of the maker you call for as well as the product’s high quality guaranteed by the provider. You should ensure to gather as much information as feasible from online resources before making any type of developments even more. Search for those equipment providers that provide devices that can produce different sizes of cups at a much faster rate with the least rejection of cups.     3. It's constantly a great technique to inspect the machine’s make, speed, and also service warranty period before purchasing a product. This will certainly assist you in selecting the best maker that works for a longer duration of time.     4. Once you have actually limited your listing to a couple of paper cup making machine suppliers, check their online evaluations, and if possible, get in touch with an existing client to make an educated decision.     5. Afterwards, you can ask for a quote from the maker distributors as well as ask to give a breakdown of the requirements of your desired paper cup making device.     6. With any luck, your list will be limited by now, and also as the last action, you can go to the device suppliers face to face to get first-hand expertise about the products made use of as well as the basic functioning of the paper cup making machine.
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Through the previous article we learned about the types and basics of shrink packaging machines, but do you know how to install shrink packaging machines? How do we troubleshoot shrink packaging machines in advance? This article tells you the answer.   Installation points of shrink packaging machine 1. The shrink packaging machine and the winding machine have the same power consumption, so the power of the input power must be greater than the nominal power on the nameplate of the shrink packaging machine, otherwise it is easy to burn the circuit or electrical components. 2. Like a baler, the machine must be reliably grounded to protect personal safety. 3. Each shrink packaging machine is delivered with a cable connected to the power supply at the factory. The lead wire at the end of the shrink packaging machine is identified by the power supply symbol. It must be connected properly. Illegal operations may cause electric shock. 4. When the specified voltage of the shrink packaging machine is a three-phase 380V power supply, the neutral line must be input at the same time, that is, the standard three-phase four-wire other packaging equipment is also like a vacuum packaging machine. Otherwise, the machine will not work properly, and the internal electrical components will be easily damaged. 5. The shrink packaging machine must be installed horizontally, otherwise the service life of the electric heating tube will be shortened. For mesh conveyors, oblique installation will cause the conveyor to be off-center. 6. When the shrink packaging machine is used continuously for more than three months, the temperature-resistant wires in the shrink chamber should be inspected and replaced appropriately according to the degree of aging. 7. When the shrink packaging machine is working, the operator's palm and other parts are not allowed to contact the machine's operating parts, especially the temperature inside the shrinking room is extremely high, which is easy to burn. 8. After the shrink packaging machine is finished, the heating switch should be turned off first, and the conveying motor and fan motor should continue to run for about 10 minutes, and then cut off the entire power supply. How to troubleshoot shrink packaging machines 1. Reasons for no heating in the contraction chamber: ① The heating switch is not in good contact, replace the switch; ② Indoor wires are aging and short-circuiting, replace the wires; ③ The electric heating pipe head is not connected or the electric heating pipe is damaged; ④ The temperature control board is damaged and replaced; ⑤ Potentiometer is broken, replace it;   2. Reasons why the transportation network does not turn: ① The conveying switch of the shrink packaging machine fails and is replaced; ② The speed control board of the shrink packaging machine is broken and replaced; ③ The potentiometer of the shrink packaging machine is broken and replaced; ④ The transportation motor is damaged and replaced; ⑤ The conveying mechanism is stuck, and the fault is eliminated after inspection;   3. Reasons why the hot air motor does not turn: ① The hot air switch is damaged and replaced; ② The motor is damaged and replaced;   If this article is helpful to you, please forward to more people in need.
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How To Choose A Good Paper Cup For The Paper Cup Machine?

1. Look: When choosing a disposable paper cup, don't just look at the color of the paper cup. Don't think that the whiter the color, the more hygienic it is. In order to make the cup look whiter, some paper cup manufacturers add a lot of fluorescent whitening agent. Once these harmful substances enter the human body, they will become potential carcinogens. Experts suggest that when choosing a paper cup, citizens should take a photo under a lamp. If the paper cup is blue under a fluorescent lamp, it proves that the fluorescent agent exceeds the standard, and consumers should use it with caution.   2. Pinch: The cup body is soft and not firm, be careful of water leakage. In addition, use paper cups with thick and stiff walls. Paper cups with low body hardness are very soft when pinched. After pouring water or beverages, they will be severely deformed when held up, or even unable to be held up, which affects the use. Experts pointed out that generally high-quality paper cups can be filled with water for 72 hours without leakage, while the poor quality will see water within half an hour.   3. Smell: the color of the cup wall is fancy, be careful of ink poisoning. Quality supervision experts pointed out that paper cups are mostly stacked together. If they are damp or contaminated, mold will inevitably form. Therefore, paper cups that are damp must not be used. In addition, some paper cups will be printed with colorful patterns and words. When the paper cups are stacked together, the ink on the outside of the paper cup will inevitably affect the inner layer of the paper cup wrapped around it. The ink contains benzene and toluene, which are harmful to health. Buy paper cups with no ink or less printing on the outer layer.   4. Use: distinguish cold cups and hot cups, each has its own role. Experts finally pointed out that the disposable paper cups we usually use can generally be divided into cold drink cups and hot drink cups, each of which has its own role. Once "displaced", it may have an impact on the health of consumers.
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