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Established in 2012 which has 8 years of experience in the paper product forming machine, Ruian Mingyuan Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufact
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Since the invention of paper packages, it has been widely promoted and used in Europe, America, Japan, Singapore and other developed countries. Paper products have the characteristics of beautiful appearance and high temperature resistance. They are non-toxic, tasteless, degradable and pollution-free. As soon as the paper tableware enters the market, it is quickly accepted by people with its unique charm. Paper cups are a product of the environmental protection era. In the historical trend of concern for the environment, health and life, paper cup machines that specialize in the production of green and environmentally friendly paper cups have attracted more and more attention from investment entrepreneurs.     Advantages of paper cup machine development (1) The paper cups produced by the paper bowl machine completely retain the advantages of paper products, such as moisture resistance, freshness, temperature sensitivity, visibility, sterilization and antisepsis, etc. The paper cups have a perfect performance. Compared with disposable plastic cups, paper materials used in paper cups perform better in terms of processing performance, printing performance, and sanitation performance. (2) Due to the wide source of paper materials, it is easy to form mass production, which has certain mechanical properties. It can be used for composite processing, and the varieties are also diverse. (3) The non-reproducible nature of these paper cups makes paper cups very cheap compard with disposable plastic cups. And the paper cups are relatively light in weight, easy to transport and easy to recycle, which are welcomed by more and more manufacturers.   Trend of paper cup machine development (1) The technological content of packaging machinery is increasing day by day. (2) The paper cup machinery market is increasingly monopolized. (3) Specialization in the production of paper cup mechanical parts. . (4) Paper cup machine move towards multi-function and single high-speed polarization, such as multi-function paper cup machine and single-function high speed paper cup machine.   How to distinguish the quality of paper cup machine   In some paper cup machines, in order to make the cup look whiter due to poor pulp quality, some paper cup manufacturers add a lot of fluorescent whitening agents. This fluorescent substance can mutate the cells and become a potential carcinogen once entering the body. According to national regulations, the use of phosphors in food paper is not allowed.     Operation process of paper cup machine 1. After the preparation work is completed, you should yelled "starting up" when the motor will be started. The motor can be started without any response. 2. Observe the operation of the machine carefully. 3. Check the bonding effect at the bonding area. 4. During normal operation, if the machine is found abnormal, lift the cup body first and wait for the last cup to be finished before shutting down for inspection. 5. When the machine is unexpectedly stopped for a long time, the fourth and fifth pieces of the big plate should be taken out to check whether the knurled parts are bonded. 6. The paper cup machine operator should pay attention to the shape of the cup mouth, cup body and cup bottom at any time during normal production.   7. When the staff concentrates on the operation and finds that there is abnormal sound or the bottom of the cup is not well formed, they should immediately stop the inspection to prevent greater losses. 8. Operators should be seriously responsible in the production process, and test the cups produced by themselves with boiling water every hour. 9. The operator of the paper cup machine should check the number of packages before sealing the carton.   Follow us to know more information about the high speed paper cup machine.
27 Aug
Paper Cups Are a Product Of The Environmental Era
                                                 Paper cups are a product of the environmental era       Paper cups are a product of the environmental protection era. In the historical trend of concern for the environment, health, and life, paper cup machines that specialize in the production of green and environmentally friendly paper cups have attracted more and more attention from investment entrepreneurs. Paper cups have gradually replaced disposable plastic cups with their environmental protection and won the favor of consumers. Do you know the development of paper cup machine?     Advantages of paper cup machine The paper cups produced by the paper cup machine completely retain the advantages of paper products. Paper cups such as moisture resistance, preservation, temperature sensitivity, visibility, sterilization, and antisepsis have perfect performances. Compared with disposable plastic cups, the paper materials used in paper cups perform better in terms of processing performance, printing performance, sanitation performance, etc.   In addition, due to the wide source of paper materials, it is easy to form mass production, and has certain mechanical properties, can be used for composite processing, and the variety is also diverse. The non-reproducible nature of these relatively disposable plastic cups makes paper cups very cheap, relatively light in weight, easy to transport and easy to recycle, and is welcomed by more and more manufacturers. Many manufacturers have abandoned the original plastic cup equipment and replaced with a paper cup machine that specializes in the production of paper cups.   The professional performance of the paper cup machine makes its cup production capability quite powerful. It can not only meet the requirements of large-scale factories, but also provide tailor-made solutions for small-scale factories in a considerate manner. Many flexible paper cup production bases have been established. Due to the extraordinary characteristics of some paper cup machines, such as a high degree of automation, a multi-purpose machine, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric detection, automatic fault alarm, automatic counting, etc., each paper cup machine can achieve maximum efficiency .     The development trend of paper cup machine 1. The technical content of paper cup machine is increasing day by day. Some existing packaging machinery products in China are not high in technological content, and many advanced technologies have been applied to packaging machinery abroad.   2. The paper cup machine market is increasingly monopolized. It is predicted that as foreign companies enter the Chinese market, some domestic uncompetitive packaging machinery companies will be acquired, merged or bankrupt by foreign companies, and some packaging products will be monopolized by several large companies.     The development trend of paper cup machine 1. The technical content of paper cup machine is increasing day by day. Some existing packaging machinery products in China are not high in technological content, and many advanced technologies have been applied to packaging machinery abroad.   2.The production of paper cup machine parts is becoming more specialized. The international packaging industry attaches great importance to improving the general capabilities of packaging mechanics and the entire packaging system. Therefore, the specialization of packaging machinery parts production is an inevitable trend of development. Many parts are no longer produced by packaging machinery factories, but by some general standard parts factories, and some special parts are produced by highly specialized manufacturers.     Welcome to follow us to learn more paper cup machine.
18 May
The lunch box machine is a machine that quickly manufactures lunch boxes. Compared with the previous machines, the main feature of the lunch box machine is that it eliminates the intermediate link "pulling" of the production of blister products. It is directly formed with plastic particles and scraps. It can also be used directly, which means that it saves the power consumption of reheating after pulling the tab, which is in line with the modern concept of environmental protection and energy saving.   Production of lunch box machine   How does the lunch box machine ensure the safety of the lunch box during production? In fact, the paper trays that we often use have a reflective film on the inside and outside. This layer of material is a polyethylene water barrier film. Every paper tray machine must ensure the existence of this film during the production process. Under the effect of air, the film is simply oxidized to produce a harmful compound. Therefore, in the industry of paper tray machines, this technology of adding film is usually called the soul technology in the production process of paper tray machines.   In addition, we all know that the fast food boxes currently used are basically manufactured using plastic fast food box machines. As a catering industry that mainly uses such plastic boxes, it can be said that it has also developed rapidly with the development of fast food boxes. Takeout packaging from the previous plastic bag packaging to the present fast food box packaging can be said to have been comprehensively developed in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Here is a brief introduction to the standard of disposable plastic boxes in recent years.   An exquisite lunch box is very important for takeout. When we see that a take-out package is more refined, our first impression will be given a certain bonus, which is where the value of the package is for the industry. The current production of lunch box machines is also developing in a diversified direction.   Disposable lunch boxes are divided according to different materials: plastic lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes, starch lunch boxes, plant straw lunch boxes, etc., and their respective standards are different. Therefore, a manufacturer of disposable plastic lunch boxes must not only obtain a QS production license, but the quality of the products must also meet the requirements of the standard to be called a qualified disposable plastic lunch box. These standards are currently designed and manufactured through the mold of the lunch box machine.   Characteristics of meal box machine   The characteristic of the meal box machine is that the thickness of the product can be adjusted as needed. It is suitable for the production of PP blister packaging for internal and external packaging of foods such as tofu boxes, jelly cups, fast food boxes, bowls and trays. It is precisely because of the excellent performance of the lunch box machine that it is so popular in the market.   At present, most disposable plastic products are processed and manufactured using plastic molding equipment, including meal box machines and plastic cup molding equipment. Compared with general plastic processing equipment, the current sheet machinery is considered to be a better type of equipment. The reason for this is because the products produced by this machinery are currently used in cities. Including plastic lids, plastic boxes, plastic cups, etc., these are more used products. Among them, the disposable plastic fast food box produced by the lunch box machine is regarded as the most used takeout packaging form in the fast food industry. As the main packaging product, the small food box is now compared with the previous plastic bag packaging It is relatively clean and tidy, giving people a certain sense of refinement.   If you want to order a paper box machine, it is recommended that you consult the company's customer service before buying, they will provide you with quality service and useful information.   The product youtube address is The product website address is
25 Mar
The die-cutting machine is a machine that cuts the cardboard into a certain shape through a knife mold, and it is an important equipment for packaging processing. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, die cutting machines have gradually developed towards automation, intelligence, and multi-function. Then, do you know what common failures are in the maintenance of die cutting machines? How should we maintain the die cutting machine?       Die-cutting machine repair common faults   1. Die cutting indentation is inaccurate: the position of die cutting and printing is not aligned, the cardboard is inconsistent with the rules, the position does not match the printed product, the paper position is inconsistent during the operation or the paper is deformed, etc. The reason for the inaccurate location. Solution: Recalibrate the template, align the printing and die-cutting grid positions, and adjust the positioning rules of the die-cutting machine uniformly to ensure the consistency of the paper feeding position.   2. The die cutting edge is not only bad: the steel knife of the die cutting machine is of poor quality, the knife edge is not sharp, and the adaptability to the die cutting is poor, the steel knife is seriously worn and not replaced in time, the machine pressure is not enough, and the pad paper is not properly handled during operation The reason for the die-cutting edge. Solution: Replace with a new blade, check the die-cutting pressure, and replace the backing paper.   3. The indentation is not clear and there is a dark line: the dark line indicates the indentation that should not appear, and the fried line is a cardboard break. The reasons for these two situations are the inaccurate thickness of the copper wire pad paper, the pad paper is too high or too low; the pressure is too large or too small, the adjustment is not correct; the paper quality is not good, etc. Solution: readjust the thickness of the copper wire stack of the die-cutting machine, adjust the pressure of the die-cutting machine, and select the best quality paper according to the process.   4. Cardboard sticking knife plate after die cutting: The reasons are that the knife edge is not sharp, the knife edge is not resilient enough, and the paper is too thick, which causes excessive pressure during die cutting. Solution: Ensure the blade of the die-cutting machine is sharp, check the rebound level, and check the die-cutting pressure.     Maintenance measures of die cutting machine 1. Operators should pay attention to dust and clean. In actual production, a large amount of waste paper edges will be generated when die cutting the carton, and if it is not noticed, it will enter the chain transmission part, the moving platform of the die cutting part and some rotating motion parts, and may block the photoelectric detection head, etc. Cause malfunction. Therefore, the cleaning of the body of the die-cutting machine must be placed first, and then the machine can be operated without failure.   2. Oil change of die cutting machine. The main action of the die-cutting machine is that the main motor drives the slide bar and the pulley, and then drives the four pairs of toggle bars to move. It can reach 6000 sheets / hour in high-speed work. Without good lubrication and cooling is very troublesome.     How should we use the die cutting machine correctly? The next article tells you the answer.
24 Mar
Excellent performance of the heat shrinkable film   The heat-shrinkable film is a thermoplastic film that is stretched and oriented during the production process and shrinks by heat during use. The principle of the heat-shrinkable film is making use of the energy of the film stretched in the longitudinal or transverse direction in the high-elastic state stored in the film and the memory effect of thermoplastics on the shape before bidirectional or unidirectional stretching. It uses the function of restoring the shape before stretching to achieve the purpose of packaging. Heat shrink packaging, using shrink wrap machines, is a packaging method widely used in commodity packaging, which can be used to package various types of products. It has the characteristics of transparency, container, sealing, moisture-proof, simple process and equipment, low packaging cost and various packaging methods, which are favored by merchants and consumers. As manufacturers increasingly pursue differentiated product competition, the market for heat shrinkable film labels for packaging food, beverages and other consumer foods has developed rapidly.   The shrink film is a good film packaging material, it has the following advantages. 1. Beautiful appearance and close to the product, so it is also called skin-packing, which is suitable for all different types of product packaging. 2. Good protection. You can pack a variety of products in a heat shrinkable packaging bag. Preventing the loss of individual small commodities is also convenient for customers to carry. 3. It is especially suitable for packaging of precision instruments and high-precision electronic components. 4. Choose different resins and formulas. It can produce different mechanical strengths and heat-shrinkable films. It can be used for inner packaging with lower strength and lower weight, and can also be used for mechanical products for containers with higher strength, transport packaging (outer packaging) for building materials, etc. 5. Good anti-theft performance, a variety of food can be packed with a large shrink film to avoid loss.6. Good stability, the product will not fall in the packaging film. 7. Good transparency, allowing customers to directly see the packaged goods for customers to choose products. 8. Good economy, heat shrinkable film packaging is often cheap and with good quality.   Production and application of heat shrinkable packaging   Heat shrink packaging is a very promising form of packaging. At present, there have been cases of using heat shrink packaging to completely replace carton or half-pallet carton. However, due to the immaturity of the current domestic logistics environment, there are some obstacles to the domestic development of heat shrink technology. It is expected that heat shrink packaging will develop rapidly in 3 to 5 years.   The food industry is the largest market for heat shrink packaging. Heat shrinkable film is widely used in the packaging of various fast foods, lactic acid foods, beverages, snacks, beer cans, various alcohols, agricultural and sideline products, dry foods, local specialties, etc. Applications in non-food fields are also increasing, such as labels and caps, seals, fibers and clothing, aerosol products, sports goods, electrical appliances, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, grease, detergents, stationery, toys, office supplies, kitchen supplies, daily necessities, sundry goods, construction materials, etc.   Shrink film wrapper machineshave different classifications according to different categories. According to the difference of the film, it can be divided into “ pe” film shrink wrap machines and “pof” shrink wrap machines. According to the size of the machine, it can also be divided into fixed shrink film packaging machine and hand-held shrink wrap machine.​
09 Feb
On a hot summer day, it is inevitable to go to the drinks shop to buy a cold drink to quench your thirst. But attentive customers will find that different businesses have different choices for beverage packaging, but most of them are paper cups or plastic cups. What kind of cup do you prefer?     Will you choose a plastic cup or a paper cup People who choose plastic cups say that plastic cups are more transparent, which helps to see the color, turbidity of the drinks, and the amount of supplements added. The voice of opposition gave the following reasons: first, that plastic cups look cheaper and have a bad touch; second, that paper cups are safer, and plastic cups cannot guarantee that they will not produce hazardous substances under high temperature.   As for the appearance of the beverage packaging, the choice is different because each person has different preferences. But for the safety and health issues, whether it is the beverage itself or its packaging, they are the issues that consumers are most concerned about. Which of the disposable plastic cups and paper cups used in the beverage market is safer?     Paper cup production process Usually disposable paper cups are composed of the following parts: paper, printing ink, industrial paraffin, coated paper. Many manufacturers do not use food grade wood pulp paper for maximum benefit. If the quality of the paper is not good (recycled waste paper), the use of bleaching powder and optical brighteners cannot be distinguished by ordinary consumers. In addition, after the printed paper cups are stacked, the ink is likely to contaminate the inner wall of the paper cup.   In order to make the paper cup waterproof, it usually needs to be soaked in paraffin. The wax contains a harmful substance called "polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons". Polyethylene plastic film within the scientific name of coated paper. Many paper cups now use coated paper instead of paraffin. But the outer wall of the "protected" cup without paraffin may become moldy when it gets wet, causing contamination.     Production process of plastic cups Compared with the production process of paper cups, plastic cups are much simpler. The commonly used plastic cup materials are PET, PP, PS and other materials. PET cups are generally used to make coffee cups, and their transparency is relatively high, suitable for cold drinks. The plastic cups used by chain stores like Starbucks are PET materials.   PP is resistant to high temperature, can be heated by microwave, can hold boiling water, and can be used for a long time at normal temperature. PS is not resistant to high temperatures, so it is commonly used in the field of cold beverage packaging. In the production process, plastic cups are healthier than paper cups. Because the production process of plastic cups is simple, it is packaged immediately after forming and cooling at high temperature.     Plastic cups and disposable paper cups have their own advantages and disadvantages. Different industries have different needs for the two, but there is one thing to be sure, we need to use a qualified paper cup machine to ensure the quality of the product. We can provide you with all kinds of high-quality die-cutting machines, paper cup machines, paper plate making machines, and paper straw machines, welcome to buy on our official website.
09 Feb
A paper cup is a paper container made by mechanically processing and bonding raw paper made of chemical wood pulp by a paper cup machine, and the appearance is a cup shape. We can see all kinds of paper cups in life. Do you know the classification and characteristics of paper cups?     Classification of paper cups Paper cups are divided into single-sided PE coated paper cups and double-sided PE coated paper cups. Single-sided PE coated paper cups: Paper cups made from single-sided PE coated paper are called single PE paper cups. Most domestic market paper cups and advertising paper cups are single-sided PE coated paper cups. Its manifestation is: the side of the paper cup filled with water has a smooth PE coating;   Double-sided PE coated paper cups: Paper cups made from double-sided PE coated paper are called double-sided PE paper cups, and the expression form is: there are PE coated films on the inside and outside of the paper cup.   Paper cup size: We use ounces (OZ) as the unit to measure the size of paper cups. For example, the common 9 ounce, 6.5 ounce, 7 ounce paper cups on the market, etc. An ounce is a unit of weight, which represents a weight of 1 ounce equivalent to 28.34 milliliters of water. Generally, the commonly used paper cups are disposable paper cups, advertising paper cups, reception paper cups, beverage paper cups, milk tea paper cups, tasting cups and other environmentally friendly paper cups!     Characteristics of paper cups 1. Light weight and anti-breakage. Compared with glass bottles and cups, paper cups are lighter in weight and have no risk of breakage. 2. Low cost: The light weight of the paper cup can save circulation costs. 3. Good appearance effect: The printing and decorating of paper cup is easy to realize, the publicity effect is good, and it can be promoted. 4. The paper cup material can be compounded with various materials to improve the protection function. It is compounded with aluminum foil, plastic and other materials to prevent the deterioration of the contents. 5. Good shading performance, it can better maintain the color, fragrance and taste of the contents. It is easy to open and seal, easy to open and recover. 6. It can be operated by packaging machinery to achieve high-quality and high-speed production and packaging. Paper cup machines have matured to improve paper cup production efficiency and cost savings. It is also easy to dispose of waste and easy to recycle, which can save resources. 7. The emergence of new technologies and new processes has continuously improved the manufacturing technology of paper cups. New types of paper cups will appear and will promote and promote the variety of products. 8. The characteristics of paper cups are safety, hygiene, lightness and convenience. It can be used in public places and restaurants. It is a disposable item.   Do you want to make paper cups? A paper cup machine can do it! Follow us for more information on paper cup machine.
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