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Market analysis of paper cup machine

Project Overview: Paper cup machine is a multi-station automatic mechanical equipment, it has automatic paper feeding, sealing, bottom punching, heating, knurling, convex rolling, edge rolling, unloading and other continuous processes, automatic forming function of the mechanical equipment. Product features: 1. Fast production speed. It can produce 40-50 paper cups per minute. 2. Can produce different types of paper cups. Produced in 4-16 oz paper cups. 3. Small footprint. Only 2.28 square meters. 4. Easy to operate. No technical expertise required. 5. Product environmental protection. Degradable and pollution-free. 6. The product is non-toxic. Does not contain any harmful substances. 7. High temperature resistance. It can hold liquids with a temperature of about 80 ° C.   Market Analysis: The State Environmental Protection Administration and Wuhan, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou and other cities have issued relevant laws prohibiting the use of disposable plastic tableware, making disposable degradable environmentally friendly paper cups become the main daily consumer goods in the catering industry and families. In 2004, China's demand for disposable paper cups was 2 billion, while the actual market estimate only reached 1.1 billion, and the market demand space was relatively large. Therefore, this product has a broad market space. The price of non-toxic double-coated paper cups sold in the market is generally 0.5/, and the price of foreign imports will be higher, and the market price of paper cups produced by this machine is only 0.15/ -0.2 /, which has a competitive advantage. The paper cups produced by the machine are already being used by KFC fast food restaurants.   Production conditions: The investment scale is 60,000 yuan, including 45,000 yuan in fixed assets and 15,000 yuan in working capital. Plant area of 30 square meters, 2 employees, power capacity 5.15 kilowatts.   Benefit estimation: The use of the machine to produce products, the comprehensive production cost of 0.033 yuan/piece, the proposed factory price of 0.063 yuan/piece, the annual production and sales of 1.5 million can recover the equipment investment.   Risk warning: 1. When purchasing raw materials, small investors had better choose double-sided coated paper. Although the price is high, the quality is guaranteed. 2. When selling products, you should not blindly enter the supermarket, and the primary task is to open the market of enterprises and public institutions