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The Advantages Of Placing The Processed And Formed Part Of The Paper Cup Machine On The Work Surface
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  All the processing and forming parts of the paper cup machine have been moved to the work surface. Except for the molding of the cup wallpaper, which is exposed to the outside of the paper cup machines on the market, the rest are all wrapped in the machine.

The advantages of placing the processed part on the work surface:
a. Intuitive: It is convenient to find waste products in the process of processing paper cups and deal with them in time.

b. Convenience: In case, when there is a small problem with the paper cup machine. It can be easily inspected and repaired. It is not necessary for the maintenance workers to be busy for a long time, looking for the cause, and it is difficult to repair.

c. Time-saving: Since all paper cups in the process can be directly seen during the operation, it is possible to realize the production and inspection at the same time, which saves the re-inspection of the paper cups before packing.