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Paper cover machine research and development background

For many years, coffee, tea, ice cream and other beverages have been stored in plastic cups, as well as paper cups, container LIDS generally use transparent, translucent plastic LIDS, which are disposable, although there is a very personalized shape but there are environmental pollution problems. With the progress of modern society, people pay more and more attention to environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources. Therefore, the call for the use of a container paper cover that can be naturally decomposed when discarded and reduce environmental pollution is increasing. However, the beverage paper cover can only play the role of the cover when the following conditions are met. The conditions are the same as the existing plastic cover, not only sanitary and should be waterproof treatment, and flexible so that it does not break when repeatedly opened or closed to maintain resilience, when closing the cover, firmly combined with the main body of the container, to prevent the phenomenon of beverage leakage outside during movement, and will not be due to temperature changes in the phenomenon of expansion. However, because the strength of the existing paper cover is too weak, the cover can not be firmly attached to the cup, so there is a problem that the cover is easy to separate from the cup, and the drink is also leaking out of the external problem, so the paper cover to replace the plastic cover is not a simple matter.   The high-speed paper cover machine is basically developed in our medium speed paper cup machine with reference to the function of the paper cup forming machine and the characteristics of paper cover production. It is characterized by intelligent equipment and high production efficiency. It is the best equipment for the production of paper soup bowl paper cover, convenient noodle bowl cover, coffee cup and other paper container covers. There are disruptive innovations in every field, just as we developed high-speed paper cover machines, when the development of this device was built on two preconditions, one is the original design intention, the other is the technical conditions.
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Classification of paper cups

Waxed paper cup: In 1932, the first waxed two-piece paper cup came out, and its smooth surface could be printed with a variety of exquisite patterns to improve the promotional effect. Paper cup wax, on the one hand can avoid the beverage and paper direct contact, and can protect the adhesive adhesion, enhance the durability of the paper cup; On the other hand, the thickness of the side wall is also increased, so that the strength of the paper cup is greatly improved, thus reducing the amount of paper necessary for the manufacture of stronger paper cups and reducing the production cost. As waxed paper cups became containers for cold drinks, people also wanted to use a convenient container to hold hot drinks. However, the hot drink will melt the wax layer on the inner surface of the paper cup, and the adhesive mouth will be separated, so the general waxed paper cup is not suitable for holding hot drinks.   Straight wall double cup: In order to expand the scope of application of paper cups, in 1940, straight wall double-layer paper cups were introduced to the market. This paper cup is not only easy to carry, but also can be used to hold hot drinks. Later, manufacturers coated these cups with latex to cover the "cardboard smell" of the paper and strengthen the leak-proof properties of the paper cups. Latex-coated single-layer waxed cups are widely used in self-service vending machines to hold hot coffee.   Coated plastic paper cup: Some food companies are beginning to apply polyethylene to cardboard to increase the barrier and tightness of paper packaging. Because the melting point of polyethylene is much higher than that of wax, the new beverage paper cup coated with this material can be ideally used to hold hot beverages, which solves the problem that the product quality is affected by the melting of the coating material. At the same time, the polyethylene coating is smoother than the original wax coating, improving the appearance of the paper cup. In addition, the processing technology is also cheaper and faster than the latex coating method.