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Since the invention of paper packages, it has been widely promoted and used in Europe, America, Japan, Singapore and other developed countries. Paper products have the characteristics of beautiful appearance and high temperature resistance. They are non-toxic, tasteless, degradable and pollution-free. As soon as the paper tableware enters the market, it is quickly accepted by people with its unique charm. Paper cups are a product of the environmental protection era. In the historical trend of concern for the environment, health and life, paper cup machines that specialize in the production of green and environmentally friendly paper cups have attracted more and more attention from investment entrepreneurs.



Advantages of paper cup machine development

(1) The paper cups produced by the paper bowl machine completely retain the advantages of paper products, such as moisture resistance, freshness, temperature sensitivity, visibility, sterilization and antisepsis, etc. The paper cups have a perfect performance. Compared with disposable plastic cups, paper materials used in paper cups perform better in terms of processing performance, printing performance, and sanitation performance.

(2) Due to the wide source of paper materials, it is easy to form mass production, which has certain mechanical properties. It can be used for composite processing, and the varieties are also diverse.

(3) The non-reproducible nature of these paper cups makes paper cups very cheap compard with disposable plastic cups. And the paper cups are relatively light in weight, easy to transport and easy to recycle, which are welcomed by more and more manufacturers.


Trend of paper cup machine development

(1) The technological content of packaging machinery is increasing day by day.

(2) The paper cup machinery market is increasingly monopolized.

(3) Specialization in the production of paper cup mechanical parts. .

(4) Paper cup machine move towards multi-function and single high-speed polarization, such as multi-function paper cup machine and single-function high speed paper cup machine.


How to distinguish the quality of paper cup machine


In some paper cup machines, in order to make the cup look whiter due to poor pulp quality, some paper cup manufacturers add a lot of fluorescent whitening agents. This fluorescent substance can mutate the cells and become a potential carcinogen once entering the body. According to national regulations, the use of phosphors in food paper is not allowed.



Operation process of paper cup machine

1. After the preparation work is completed, you should yelled "starting up" when the motor will be started. The motor can be started without any response.

2. Observe the operation of the machine carefully.

3. Check the bonding effect at the bonding area.

4. During normal operation, if the machine is found abnormal, lift the cup body first and wait for the last cup to be finished before shutting down for inspection.

5. When the machine is unexpectedly stopped for a long time, the fourth and fifth pieces of the big plate should be taken out to check whether the knurled parts are bonded.

6. The paper cup machine operator should pay attention to the shape of the cup mouth, cup body and cup bottom at any time during normal production.


7. When the staff concentrates on the operation and finds that there is abnormal sound or the bottom of the cup is not well formed, they should immediately stop the inspection to prevent greater losses.

8. Operators should be seriously responsible in the production process, and test the cups produced by themselves with boiling water every hour.

9. The operator of the paper cup machine should check the number of packages before sealing the carton.


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