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The lunch box machine is a machine that quickly manufactures lunch boxes. Compared with the previous machines, the main feature of the lunch box machine is that it eliminates the intermediate link "pulling" of the production of blister products. It is directly formed with plastic particles and scraps. It can also be used directly, which means that it saves the power consumption of reheating after pulling the tab, which is in line with the modern concept of environmental protection and energy saving.


Production of lunch box machine


How does the lunch box machine ensure the safety of the lunch box during production? In fact, the paper trays that we often use have a reflective film on the inside and outside. This layer of material is a polyethylene water barrier film. Every paper tray machine must ensure the existence of this film during the production process. Under the effect of air, the film is simply oxidized to produce a harmful compound. Therefore, in the industry of paper tray machines, this technology of adding film is usually called the soul technology in the production process of paper tray machines.


In addition, we all know that the fast food boxes currently used are basically manufactured using plastic fast food box machines. As a catering industry that mainly uses such plastic boxes, it can be said that it has also developed rapidly with the development of fast food boxes. Takeout packaging from the previous plastic bag packaging to the present fast food box packaging can be said to have been comprehensively developed in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. Here is a brief introduction to the standard of disposable plastic boxes in recent years.


An exquisite lunch box is very important for takeout. When we see that a take-out package is more refined, our first impression will be given a certain bonus, which is where the value of the package is for the industry. The current production of lunch box machines is also developing in a diversified direction.


Disposable lunch boxes are divided according to different materials: plastic lunch boxes, paper lunch boxes, starch lunch boxes, plant straw lunch boxes, etc., and their respective standards are different. Therefore, a manufacturer of disposable plastic lunch boxes must not only obtain a QS production license, but the quality of the products must also meet the requirements of the standard to be called a qualified disposable plastic lunch box. These standards are currently designed and manufactured through the mold of the lunch box machine.


Characteristics of meal box machine


The characteristic of the meal box machine is that the thickness of the product can be adjusted as needed. It is suitable for the production of PP blister packaging for internal and external packaging of foods such as tofu boxes, jelly cups, fast food boxes, bowls and trays. It is precisely because of the excellent performance of the lunch box machine that it is so popular in the market.


At present, most disposable plastic products are processed and manufactured using plastic molding equipment, including meal box machines and plastic cup molding equipment. Compared with general plastic processing equipment, the current sheet machinery is considered to be a better type of equipment. The reason for this is because the products produced by this machinery are currently used in cities. Including plastic lids, plastic boxes, plastic cups, etc., these are more used products. Among them, the disposable plastic fast food box produced by the lunch box machine is regarded as the most used takeout packaging form in the fast food industry. As the main packaging product, the small food box is now compared with the previous plastic bag packaging It is relatively clean and tidy, giving people a certain sense of refinement.


If you want to order a paper box machine, it is recommended that you consult the company's customer service before buying, they will provide you with quality service and useful information.


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