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On a hot summer day, it is inevitable to go to the drinks shop to buy a cold drink to quench your thirst. But attentive customers will find that different businesses have different choices for beverage packaging, but most of them are paper cups or plastic cups. What kind of cup do you prefer?



Will you choose a plastic cup or a paper cup

People who choose plastic cups say that plastic cups are more transparent, which helps to see the color, turbidity of the drinks, and the amount of supplements added. The voice of opposition gave the following reasons: first, that plastic cups look cheaper and have a bad touch; second, that paper cups are safer, and plastic cups cannot guarantee that they will not produce hazardous substances under high temperature.


As for the appearance of the beverage packaging, the choice is different because each person has different preferences. But for the safety and health issues, whether it is the beverage itself or its packaging, they are the issues that consumers are most concerned about. Which of the disposable plastic cups and paper cups used in the beverage market is safer?



Paper cup production process

Usually disposable paper cups are composed of the following parts: paper, printing ink, industrial paraffin, coated paper. Many manufacturers do not use food grade wood pulp paper for maximum benefit. If the quality of the paper is not good (recycled waste paper), the use of bleaching powder and optical brighteners cannot be distinguished by ordinary consumers. In addition, after the printed paper cups are stacked, the ink is likely to contaminate the inner wall of the paper cup.


In order to make the paper cup waterproof, it usually needs to be soaked in paraffin. The wax contains a harmful substance called "polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons". Polyethylene plastic film within the scientific name of coated paper. Many paper cups now use coated paper instead of paraffin. But the outer wall of the "protected" cup without paraffin may become moldy when it gets wet, causing contamination.



Production process of plastic cups

Compared with the production process of paper cups, plastic cups are much simpler. The commonly used plastic cup materials are PET, PP, PS and other materials. PET cups are generally used to make coffee cups, and their transparency is relatively high, suitable for cold drinks. The plastic cups used by chain stores like Starbucks are PET materials.


PP is resistant to high temperature, can be heated by microwave, can hold boiling water, and can be used for a long time at normal temperature. PS is not resistant to high temperatures, so it is commonly used in the field of cold beverage packaging. In the production process, plastic cups are healthier than paper cups. Because the production process of plastic cups is simple, it is packaged immediately after forming and cooling at high temperature.



Plastic cups and disposable paper cups have their own advantages and disadvantages. Different industries have different needs for the two, but there is one thing to be sure, we need to use a qualified paper cup machine to ensure the quality of the product.

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