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Paper cup machine working principle introduction
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1. Paper cup machine is a kind of equipment for the production of paper cup products. It has the functions of multi-station operation, automatic paper feeding, sealing, oil injection, bottom punching, automatic constant temperature heating, knurling, rolling, embossing, unloading and so on. It is suitable for the production of domestic market paper cups, advertising paper cups, ice cream paper cups, coffee paper cups.

2. The production of paper cups is a cyclic process, and it produces more paper cups by repeating the same action.
This continuous repetitive action of the paper cup machine is completed by the CAM organization in the paper cup machine. The cams in the CAM organization of the paper cup machine carry out rotary movement, which promotes the paper cup machine follower to move reciprocally according to certain needs.
The CAM organization of the paper cup machine can make the follower of the paper cup machine obtain a more chaotic motion law, and then complete the circulation of the production of cardboard, and reach the demand for producing more cardboard products.
CAM organization in the structure and planning has a simple, compact characteristics, can complete a variety of contrast messy movement needs, which makes it not only in the paper cup machine has an excellent use, in other equipment also plays an important role.