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Paper cup machine maintenance knowledge introduction
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The paper cup machine should be maintained when it is not in use, so as not to make the machine less efficient. Here are some hairball machine maintenance knowledge.


The first thing is to do a good job of the cleanliness of the knife edge of the paper cup machine, can not be stained with too much plush thread, especially pay attention to not dip in water, because after dipping in water, the knife edge of the paper cup machine is easy to stick to the line and the end of the line. Keeping the cleanliness and sharpness of the knife edge at all times is the condition to ensure accurate and fast cutting of hairballs.


It is necessary to check the lubrication of the bearing zero firmware between the paper cup machines to prevent the mechanical rotation rust and reduce the operation speed. After the multi-degree operation of the hairball machine, the machine should have a full rest, reduce the temperature point, and prevent the temperature of the parts from being too high.