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Disposable paper cups are favored by many people because of their convenient use and low prices. However, while bringing convenience to the public, disposable paper cups may also have hidden health risks, especially some unqualified paper cups. However, people generally lack the common sense of choosing disposable paper cups in their daily consumption. The following are some purchasing tips for your reference.



The main problems of paper cups on the market

As a sanitary, convenient and inexpensive daily necessities, paper cups are very popular among consumers. At present, there are various disposable papers cups and many brands of the papers cups on the market, which it is difficult for consumers to purchase and use. Now the main problems of disposable paper cups on the market are as follows.


There is a discoloration phenomenon.

After the paper cup is soaked in ethanol with a temperature of 25 ° C and a purity of 65%, no discoloration is allowed. However, many paper cups have discoloration under this condition. The main reason for the problem is that the paper cup machine manufacturer used inks that did not meet the safety and practical requirements of paper cups in the printing process, and the printing process was unreasonable.


The product tag does not meet the regulations.

The product tag is a sign that the manufacturer which produce paper cups by paper cup machine, semi automatic die cutting machine, die cutting machine and automatic die cutting machine communicates the product information to the consumer, so that the consumer understands the product performance and grasps how the product is used safely and correctly. The six items stipulated by the national light industry for product tags include product name, trademark, product standard number, product production date and shelf life, product type, specification, grade and quantity, product qualification mark, product manufacturing company name and address. These information must be accurately and clearly stated. However, some companies have not attached great importance to this provision, resulting in missing or wrong tags. There are also some companies that mark product information on the bottom of paper cups with small letters, which is difficult for consumers to see.



The tips for buying paper cups correctly

Although the hygiene status of paper cups has improved, some inferior paper cups are still on the market. Consumers should have a certain sense of precautions and pay attention when purchasing and using.


Firstly, consumers should choose regular supermarkets and shopping malls to buy paper cups. Never buy paper cups at roadside stalls. Not only do the physical indicators of the paper cups on the roadside stalls not meet the standards, but also the hygiene indicators are difficult to guarantee.



Secondly, pay attention to the product tags. When purchasing paper cups, you should check whether the product label indicates the content that must be marked by national requirements such as shelf life and production date. Consumers should not buy paper cups that have no product tag. Special attention should be paid to see whether the product packaging is marked with the QS mark of quality and safety. Paper cups with the QS mark are paper cups that have passed the mandatory quality and safety inspection and are allowed to enter the market. Paper cups without the QS mark are banned by the state.


Thirdly, consumers should not buy paper cups that clearly appear blue under fluorescent lights. According to national standards, the fluorescent area of the paper cup cannot exceed 5 square centimeters. Fluorescent brighteners can make paper cups white. But this substance is harmful, which can induce cell mutation, weaken the body's immunity, or even cause cancer.


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